International Day of Living Together in Peace

On May the 16th 2022, we celebrated the 5th edition of the International Day of Living Together in Peace .

For this day which will be celebrated all around the world, we invite you to sign the Universal Declaration of Living Together in Peace, which Valoris Avocats has signed as a lawfirm.

“To all those who work together to face the challenges of our time–who believe in the reconciliation of a humanity that is conscious of its fundamental unity–we address this message, in the hope that the International Day for Living Together in Peace, the 16th of May, will be an opportunity to bring forth and strengthen the circle of brotherhood amongst all citizens, communities, people and states.”

Instead of great speeches, we have chosen to show you true stories; strong experiences of sharing, welcoming and respect through the documentary film “All of Us” directed by Pierre Pirard.

This film tells the stories of daring citizens who, wanting to create more harmonious living between people of different beliefs, are reinventing family, education, social relations, culture, work… despite the existing difficulties and tensions.

Beyond the film, associations and citizens are taking the challenge of reaching out to others. These are the actors for change that we are highlighting.

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