Labour law

Labour law

Are you a company executive or an employee?


Are you a company executive or an employee? We accompany and represent you in all aspects of labor law in the broadest sense (including the local law of “Alsace Moselle”).

You would like to benefit from a personalized assistance regarding your labor relations, in the following aspects :

  • Individual: hiring, working hours, paid leave, absences, sanctions, individual negotiations, moral harassment, termination, litigation.
  • Collective: staff representative, negotiation and drafting of company agreements, safeguard plan, psychosocial risks.

We advise you on your relations with the the Regional Direction for Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarities (DREETS), with the Occupational Medicine Department and with the trade unions.

We also support you in the strategy to be set up: feasibility and cost studies, restructuring, mergers, delegation of power, GPEC, …

Litigation? We can assist you before the courts.

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