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Cécile Puijalon-Radu is avocate and Rechtsanwältin (Frankfurt Bar). She mainly advises on French and German business law and has been assisting companies in their investments on both sides of the Rhine since 1996 and more broadly in their international operations.

Cécile Puijalon-Radu has made Franco-German relations the core of her activity and assists companies in their international development, be it in the form of set-ups ex nihilo, acquisitions, mergers, or the conclusion of simple or complex transactions. Her expertise in both countries allows her to advise entrepreneurs on the structuring of their governance and their activities.

After a first experience in a French-German law firm in Paris (Breitenstein Meillassoux Hauser), she joined Menold Herrlinger in Frankfurt/Main, where she spent five years before joining the team of Ernst & Young Société d’Avocats in Strasbourg. She has cofounded Valoris Avocats together with Guillaume Rubechi in 2014.

She assists her clients in French, German, English, and Mandarin.

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