Business Law


Léandre Poulain de la Fontaine


Leandre completed a year of preparation for Sciences Po in Paris and also obtained a bachelor’s degree in history from Sorbonne in 2017. Subsequently, he continued his studies in law at the Franco-German Legal Center in Saarbrücken (his third year took place at the University of Grenoble). In 2022, he was admitted to the Franco-German and European Master’s program in Business Law with a dual course of studies at the Catholic University of Lille. The first year of this master’s program took place in Passau, Bavaria, and the second year is currently taking place in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

He effectuates his internship in this context with Oliver WIESIKE in the Business Law service of the Lyon office from August 21, 2023, until September 6, 2024.

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