Transversal skills


Compliance issues also concern your company!

Compliance should be a major concern for economic actors and is considered an essential element of good corporate governance.

Identifying the legal rules, applicable standards and existing risk areas, as well as putting in place a strategy that respects these rules and ensuring their monitoring, is essential to limit risks, particularly economic and reputational, and to deal effectively with today’s changing world and opportunities.

Beyond the processes to be put in place, compliance is a source of value creation in legal, tax and social terms.

Compliance rules have multiplied and professional support is needed.


Our experience with companies on these subjects in France and internationally, thanks to our foreign partners, enables us to fully assist you in the implementation and monitoring of your compliance programs.

We are able to assist you in

  • Preventing the risks of non-compliance

    - carrying out risk mapping
    - evaluating existing systems

  • Defining your compliance policy

    - actors
    - framework
    - documentation

  • Ensuring the implementation and follow-up

    - holding training sessions
    - carrying out legal and regulatory monitoring

  • Assisting in case of non-compliance

    - assistance in the context of litigation
    - assistance and crisis management
    - communication